Disrupted intimacies at AlMa'mal foundation, Jerusalem


The International Academy of Art, Palestine is invited to show “disrupted intimacies” exhibition: selected artworks from the graduates of the Academy, at AlMa’mal foundation. A great opportunity for the graduates to reach a wider audience throughout Palestine.

“Disrupted Intimacies” Exhibition, curated by Director of the Academy Tina Sherwell, presents both recently produced art works and selected pieces from

the archives of graduates of The International Academy of Art, Palestine. Definitions of intimacy suggest closeness, familiarity, a deep understanding of place and subject - even privacy of expression, suitable for telling secrets.  Intimacy is also defined as  “ a process – not a thing. It takes place over time and is not stagnant.” While disrupted is understood as to throw into confusion or disorder, to interrupt a normal continuance. Juxtaposing these ideas aims to point to one of many conditions or ‘states’ experienced by Palestinians in our daily lives particularly in relations to each other, ourselves and our bodies but also familiar places and cherished landscapes, everyday objects and keepsakes. These interruptions and discontinuities create deeply embellished absences and temporary fragile coherences. Broadly gathered under the theme the works in this show explore questions of love, domestic spaces and bodyscapes, loneliness and nostalgia from the prism of disrupted intimacies.